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What We Do

We serve together with various ministry partners in Indonesia, aiming at preaching the Gospel of the Kingdom of God and to make spiritual formation among the people of Indonesia, to the poor and orphans in West Kalimantan in particular, for the fulfillment of the Great Commission of Jesus Christ, through providing ministry support in teaching English to children and in distributing food and medical supplies to the needed families.

Holding Hands

Connect in Christ

Ministry Partners

Ministry Partners.


West Kalimantan

We provide financial support in the church’s ministry to distribute food and medical supplies to the poor people in West Kalimantan.


Joyful Christian School

West Kalimantan

We provide spiritual formation and English conversational teaching in their full-academic program of Joyful School for local children, many among them are from non-Christian background.

Batang Tarang Christian Centre

West Kalimantan

We serve with the Batang Tarang Christian Center in West Kalimantan, providing help in their children home and a full-academic primary school which is being formed, assist in their outreach activities to the neighboring villages providing study centers for the children and distributing food and medical supplies to the needy village people.

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Kasih Karunia Theological School

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West Kalimantan

SMPTK (Sekolah Menengah Pertama Teologi Kristen) Kasih Karunia is a Christian Secondary School in Batang Tarang, West Kalimantan, newly installed in July 2022 operated under K-PACT Nusantara.  The school is fully recognized and accredited by the local government.  It is a crucial part of the BTCC Christian Centre where young people in rural areas can receive proper education and being trained to become mature in Christ-likeness.  It is a harvest field where devoted workers are called to serve among youth for such causes.

Ministry Development

Awareness building

To promote our work and the needs in Indonesia, we

  • hold periodic symposiums virtually and physically to mainly Chinese Christians across Canada

  • maintain a website about K-PACT Canada Mission Association and its activities for public knowledge

Recruiting volunteer workers

We recruit committed Christians to join our short term mission programs. We also offer training program to prepare them for the mission work.

Connecting with God and our partners


We host monthly prayer meetings virtually with our Indonesian partners’ participation to update our work being done in the mission field and to pray for the needs of the two schools and the children home there.

Fund Raising


We raise funds from our supporters to provide financial supports for our activities.

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